Who I Am

I have achieved my 1st life's goal - make a good home, marriage and teach my children values and goals, my 2nd life's goal - to get BA and MS degree, my 3rd life's goal to be recognized for my career's work.

Now I am starting my 4th life's goal - to write many novels and have them published and achieve a Best Selling Author status.
I work hard and play hard and love hard. My life is balanced.

I have many friends and try each day to laugh and learn something new. Many of my friends and family advise that I did well noting the good things I have in my life, and left the impression nothing bad had taken place and wanted me to add this part too.

So here goes only in list form:

  • 12 year Breast Cancer survivor
  • Lost 5 close family members in 2 years time
  • Lost a daughter-in-law we all loved dearly to suicide
  • A husband since 1995 suffered brain tumor removal, heart attack, sever sugar diabetes, A/O today has 15 heart stints, quadruple bypass and is almost an invalid, at home and I was the prime caregiver until he passed away in 2016
  • A dear niece suffering terminal cancer until she passed away in 2013

The list goes on, but we all suffer loss and grief, and most become stronger for it.

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My Work


First Chill of Terror

Contemporary Military Suspense Women's Fiction:

A Terrorist attack on a military base and how it effects a civilian working there and an AF-OSBI agent that are assigned to working the case.


Lookin' for Love

Contemporary Women's Fiction with romantic thread:

Two Young women starting their lives after finishing college and finding a place to build their world


I Love This Bar

Contemporary Women's Fiction with romantic thread:

Couple meet in a bar and fall in love. How their love survives all of the problems two people's lives have at that point in time. Can they resolve them and be happy together.


New Orleans

(Working Title)

Contemporary Women's Fiction with Romantic thread:

Best Selling author lives in New Orleans, her childhood friend working as her assistant, realizes after 10 years of divorce, wants someone to share her life.

Her travels and sharing investigative work with the man of her dreams are exciting and lead to a full life of author, lover and home with the one she loves and wants to share the rest of her life with.


The Doll Story

(Working Title)

Contemporary Women's Fiction with a paranormal-suspense and romantic thread:

A wealthy woman becomes head of the family Business and learns what she has been taught by her Grandfather and Mother is not always the true way life can be lived.

Opening the door for her to allow a wedding and love to come first in her life and still be a strong woman succeeding at the CEO of the multifaceted corporation.



Contemporary Women's Fiction, Updating and revising from early '90's to present setting:

A woman's life (after graduating from college with an MBA, raising her now college age children) reenters the world of business she left when she became pregnant and decided she wanted to be an at home Mom.

The story of a woman's journey through life: what changes, the unexpected problems and temptations she would face and coping with choices, good and bad.

Her attempt to recapture a career, set aside so long ago, and the beginning of a new life for them all.

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